"Only I could do is to be strong once and for all ."
L Lawliet - Death Note

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Konnichiwa! Hi I'm Sal-Chan. Welcome to My Anime World. I live in Japan.Nice to meet you. Tomodachi-san!

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How to keep a promise ?

Macam mana  ea nak mulakan ? malu ahh dah lama tak update blog ni >w< rse mcm thousand years lol lagu someone yg Sal pernah dgr . Ok back to the story , how to keep a promise ? ok sal akn bgi pengalaman sal :3 


Listen to your heart ,  give yourself reminders that we want to fulfill the promise of a happy. Some people are willing to sacrifice and hope someday will override the good in us. (my quote reminders)  Promising something to survive and persevere to the people we love. 

Okay that;s all what I have in my experience. 
P/S : if my bestfriends read this , I really miss you guys ! Hope we meet again soon and really soon .w. Belajar rajin-rajin yaa korang ! Ganbatte ! Goodluck in your life.